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KIIT College of Engineering, Gurgaon: The Pivot of Education and Professionalism

Innovation is everything but the usual monotony of everyday business. Pulkit Verma, an Electronics and Communication Engineering student of 2009 – 2013 from KIIT College of Engineering ridicules this theory with his creation. With the strong support and guidance from his teachers and mentors, Verma, using a simple microcontroller made an automated college bell. The college has never since employed a bell man. The machine simplified human efforts by resolving the issue of continues observation of time to ring the bell after every hour. KIIT has this tradition of training its students to create objects of significance in the practical world.

One year after the college installed automated college bell system, the students of ECE department came up with yet another contribution – Library Management System. This time it was from a group of three boys and the 2006 founded college was in real need of it. “Our software is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. It features a familiar and well thought-out, an attractive user interface, combined with strong searching, insertion and reporting capabilities,” says Vikas Polowalia, Rohan Sareen and Ishan Aggarwal, the implementers of Library Management System.

The efforts from Pulkit Verma and his seniors are a huge achievement in an academic perspective but from an institute perspective, it magnifies a bigger thought behind the whole process; nurturing skilful candidates who are faithful to their organization. Growing beyond a mere learning centre, KIIT College of Engineering has created platform for the students to work like employees by providing live projects. That is why the newborn college became one of the most preferred sources to recruit for many multinational giants.

While the placement programs are still moving on, companies like TCS, WIPRO, Telenity, Circuitronix along with Indian Army has already booked more than 87 percent of students from KIIT College of Engineering. When asked about the key makers of his life, Gourav Kotwal, who has been counted as the luckiest KIITian by grabbing a blistering amount of more than 42 lakhs per annum offer from a U.S. technology company says, “KIIT encompasses a highly qualified staff that instills students not only with professional skills but also with practical knowledge and moral values.”

The Mentors inside the Park

Located at Gurgaon, one of the fastest growing cities in North India, KIIT is well organized in the administration as well as infrastructure. The management has provided enough faculties with experience, who can mentor all 2000 students of the institute. The concept of mentoring is simple, but successful implementation can be challenging. The institute has accepted this implementation challenge and teacher mentors are allocated to each class. the students interact with mentor for every aspect of their Institutional as well as personal Life. Additionally, counsellors are also available all the time in the institution.

Under the leadership of this massive number of faculties, the institute has created many initiatives that can polish an ordinary student to an extra ordinary individual. They provide interactive education to the students by working closely with them, which include smart classes, PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations lecturers, project work and various industry visits. The whole activities of the institute are falling under different centres mentored by different faculties. However, everyone is working towards a single destination, the students’ growth.

The Optimization Centres

Suleman and Priyanka, two budding programmers from Computer Science and Engineering department know the value of mentoring, more than anyone in KIIT Campus. They made a Java program that helps students to study the Periodic Table. It would have been a simple program if they both decided keeps the code inside their computer. They approached their mentors with their lines of code, which was a turning point in their life. In few months, the code became a fully functional error free Android app in the incubation centre of KIIT and eventually Suleman and Priyanka received the first prize in the Akash Android Application Programming Competition conducted by IIT Bombay.

The incubation centre provides opportunities for the students to develop software packages with the help of faculties and field engineers. While incubation centre focus on technicality, to develop entrepreneurship abilities and soft skills of students, the institute has initiated several other centres. Entrepreneur Cell is an endeavour of the institute through the student body to encourage “innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship”. This cell is aimed at developing entrepreneurial traits among the students, help budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals, as well as engage in some real life projects which could be beneficial to the society. On the other hand, Skill Development Centre is a progressive and student friendly initiative with a well-intended objective to eliminate disconnect between pure theory taught in colleges and the reality in the global job market. They have realized the basic truth that being technically good is not adequate and therefore they are providing rigorous training in communication skills, sound values and professional ethics to enable the student to venture out in confidence and prove his calibre in the competitive workplace.

In addition to academic activities, the institute always encourages its students to participate in various events related to cultural, sports, technical and social activities. They are members of organizations such as Spic Macay, IETE, AIMA, and CSI for promotion of cultural education /enthusiasm among the students. SPIC MACAY seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country through focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values. World-renowned artist visit college and give demonstration lecture to the students to make them aware about the different art forms.

The all round faculties with well-disciplined administration made KIIT one of the leading institutions in the NCR region. Surely, KIIT College of Engineering is a world of immense knowledge with exceptional intellectuals where education meets professionalism.

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The Social Hands of KIIT

The future plans of KIIT College envisages making social contribution as well as creating welfare for students, faculties and the various stakeholders connected with the institution. KIIT is opening a foundation school for underprivileged students. This school will cater to economically weaker section of the large population around the village who are deprived of quality education.



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