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National Voters Day


National Voters Day

Declamation Contest

 The KIIT Group of Colleges celebrated the 9th National Voters’ Day on January 25th, 2019 in Sir C.V Raman auditorium from 2:30 pm onwards. A major initiative among many others taken by the Election Commission of India, the day aims at imparting democratic values in young voters and encouraging them to cast a vote.

The program began with a motivational speech by Prof. (Dr).M. Sengupta, Director, KIIT College of Education. In his speech, he explained the importance of National Voter’s Day with reference to the importance of one’s vote. He also encouraged young voters to take part in the political process.

On this day, the KIIT witnessed an Inter College Declamation competition, where the twelve speakers from all the three colleges competed with each other. The topic of the Declamation was “My Vote My Asset”.

S.No. Name of Student College
1 Ms. Sweta Kumari B.Tech, KIIT College of Engg.
2 Ms. Shrishti Rana B.Tech, KIIT College of Engg.
3 Ms. Garima Raghav B.Tech, KIIT College of Engg.
4 Ms. Samarika B.Tech, KIIT College of Engg.
5 Mr. Mehul B.Tech, KIIT College of Engg.
6 Mr. Manish Jaglan B.Tech, KIIT College of Engg.
7 Ms. Madhu Jha Kamrah Institute of Information Technology
8 Ms. Manisha Yadav Kamrah Institute of Information Technology
9 Ms. Anjali Kamrah Institute of Information Technology
10 Mr. Sanjay Mahalik Kamrah Institute of Information Technology
11 Ms. Juhi Bharti KIIT College of Education
12 Ms. Surabhi Kumari KIIT College of Education


These extremely confident entrants were judged by three cognoscenti of the KIIT Group of Colleges. Amongst the judges, we had

  • (Dr).M. Sengupta, Director, KIIT College of Education
  • (Dr.) S.K. Agrawal, Principal, KIIT College of Engineering
  • (Dr.) H. S. Saxena, Principal, Kamrah Institute of Information Technology

All the participants delivered their thoughts and ideas about the importance of the voting right and emphasized on the need for participation of every Indian citizen who is eligible for this process.  It enables the citizens to choose their own government and also allows the people to choose their representatives in the government. The purpose of every government is to develop and implement various policies for the benefit of its citizens. They asked that citizens should follow the progress of the political representatives and the legislature. This consistent process will enable the general population to settle on educated choices about whom to vote in favor of in the following term. Students also threw the light on the fact that how the election commission is working hard for enrolling each and single voter by providing appropriate support and awareness. A common point which was highlighted by each participant was that each voter should not cast their vote on the basis of money, cast, area, religion etc.

The event was summarized by the Prof. (Dr) S.S Agrawal. He stated that voting is the primary right of every citizen if a person does not exercise the right, then he/she is not doing their duty towards the country. He also thanked Prof. (Dr) Vikram Singh and his colleagues for conducting this event. He also appreciated the efforts of all the students and motivated others to participate in great numbers.

The event concluded with the announcement of winners. The name of winners of the Declamation contest is as follows:

  • 1st –  Manish Jaglan, B.Tech(CSE-3rd year)
  • 2nd – Anjali, BBA (1st year)
  • 3rd – Sweta, B.Tech(CSE- 1st year)




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