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Lesson Plan for 2018

CSE Lesson Plan

CSE-201F Computer Oraganization and Architecture
CSE-801F Internet Fundamental
CSE-306F Computer Science and Engineering
IT-305F Computer Networks
IT-303 F System Programming and System Administrator
CSE-302F Principles of Soft. Engg.
IT-202F Object Oriented Programming with C++
CSE-204F Programming Language
CSE-202F Database Management System
CSE-304F Intelligent System

Mechanical Lesson Plan

ME-V Sem Industrial Engg.
ME/CSE II Sem WorkShop Technology
ME IV sem Kinetics of Machines
ME-VI Measurement & Instrumentation
ME-Vth Strength of Materials
ME-IVth Steam and Power Generation
ME-VIth Machanical Design-II
ME/CSE 2nd Sem EGD
ME-IV Fluid Machanics
ME Manufacturing Technology-II
ME-V Sem Automobile Engg.
ME-V th Heat Transfer

ECE and EEE Lesson Plan

ECE and EEE I Sem Electrical Technology
ECE and EEE VI Sem Digital Design System
ECE/EE/ME V the Sem. Control System
ECE Vth Sem VLSI Design
ECE and EEE IV sem Industrial Engg.
ECE VI Sem Microwave Engg.
ECE and EEE VI sem Microcontroller and Embedded System
ECE and EEE I Semester Electrical Technology
EEE V Sem Power System-II
EEE IV Sem Transmission and Distribution
EEE V Sem Transmission Lines and Network
PHY-201F Physics-II
Math-201F Math-III
CHM-101F Eng. Chemistry

Management Lesson Plan

16IMG22C1 Financial Management
17IMG24GM2 Service Marketing
16ECO01 Basics of Economics
17IMG24GF1 Mgt. of Banking and Insurance
17IMG24GM1 Integrated Marketing Communication
16IMG22D2 International Business
SHRM-17IMG24GH2 Management
16COMF3 Elements of Banking
MBA-17IMG24GF2 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
16IMG22C3 Human Resource Management
16IMG22C6 Operations Research
17IMG24C1 E-Commerce
17IMG24GH1 Industrial Relations and Labor Legislation
16IMG22C5 Computer Network and Internet
16IMG22C4 Business Research Methods
16IMG22C2 Marketing Management

BBA Lesson Plan

BBAN-603 Foundation of International Business
BBAN-201 Principals of Management
BBAN-203 Company Accounts
BBAN-202 Macroeconomic Analysis
 BBAN-403 Business Research Methods
BBAN-205 Organizational Behaviour
 BBAN-404 Business Laws
 BBAN-206 Business Statistics
BBAN-604 Consumer Protection
 BBAN-402 Human Resource Management
 BBAN-406 Human Rights and Values
BBAN-401 Financial Management
BBAN-601 Income Tax
 BBAN-405 Database Management System
BBAN-605 E-Commerce
BBAN-602 System Analysis and Design
BBAN-204 Computer Applications in Management

BCA Lesson Plan


BCA-309 Introduction to .Net
BCA-108 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
BCA-306 E-Commerce
BCA-209 Software Engg.
BCA-307 Object Technology & Programming using Java
BCA-206 Web Designing
BCA-308 Artificial Intelligence
BCA-106 C Programming
BCA-208 Object Oriented Programming Using C++


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